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Vampire Game !!!

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Vampire Game !!!

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:16 pm

Game play

Goal: Find the Vampire before it kills the explorers! There will be 2 vampires in games with more than 7 players. Both must be killed.

Charges: Pay to enter the pot.

Players: 5 – 12 players needed for game. If not enough players, no one is charged at the end of the join time.
Roles assigned

Vampire (usually 1-2 players. Two vampires if the number of players in the game is 8 or more). Vampire must kill the explorers before they find and expose him.

Slayer (1 player): an Explorer who has the powers to ask the spirits about the identity of a player.

Explorers (everyone else)


Beware, all players will be kicked if they don’t vote twice in a row. They are, then, not eligible to win.

If the vampire kills all the villagers, the vampire (or vampires) wins/split (100-X)% the pot.

If the explorers find the vampire before it gets them, the explorers who are alive split (100-X)% of the pot.
Adding and Removal

/bot vamp: Adding to Room

/bot stop: Removal
Game Commands

!start <join amount>: Start a game of Vampire. Optional custom amount to enter the pot. This needs to be higher than the default in the game. X% of the total pot goes to mig. Example: !start 6 (This will charge the user USD 0.06 (6 cents USD) to enter the sweepstake).

!no: 20 seconds to cancel the charge above. The actual charge doesn’t complete till the minimum players have joined.

!j: Join a current game. 90 seconds for all players to join. If a player cannot be charged, and there are not enough players, noone will be charged. Roles are assigned when play starts.

!v <player_name>: When prompted, players cast their lynch vote (which player they think must be lynched). If not voted twice in a row, player is kicked out, and forfeits pot. They usually have 45 seconds to discuss suspicions during the day time, and 45 seconds to cast their vote.

!k <player_name>: At night time, when prompted, the vampire has usually 60 seconds to kill a explorer.

!s <player_name>: At night time, when prompted, the slayer has usually 60 seconds to ask the spirits about the identity of the explorer.

!a: Any player can ask the bot to see the names of players who are still alive and playing.

!r: See your role in the current game.

Explorers kill the vampire or vampire gets to all the explorers and wins lol!

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