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Dice Game !!!

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Dice Game !!!

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:18 pm

Game play

Goal: Roll 2 dice, match or beat the bot’s roll to advance. Game is played until there is one distinct winner.

Charges: Pay to enter the pot

Players: Minimum 2 (no maximum) needed for game. If not enough players, no one is charged at the end of the join time.

Play: At the start of a round the bot rolls two dice. Players then have 10 seconds to roll two dice, hoping to match or beat the bot’s roll.
-> If a player’s roll is less than the bot’s roll they are eliminated from the game.
-> If a player rolls [6] [6], they cannot be eliminated in the next round. They get “immunity”.
-> The game continues until there is one player left.
-> If there are no players who matched or beat the bot’s roll at the end of a round, all the players in that round may try again (i.e. the round is repeated).
-> Example: Bot rolls [2] [3]. Your target total is 5 to match or beat. You are IN if you match or beat 5, and OUT if you don’t. But if no player is IN, everyone plays one more round.

Winner(s): Winner takes (100 – X)% of the pot
Adding and removal

/bot dice: Adding to room

/bot stop: Removal

!start: Start a game of Dice. Optional custom amount to enter the pot. This needs to be higher than the default in the game. X% of the total pot goes to mig
Example: !start 6
This will charge the user USD 0.06 (6 cents USD) to enter the sweepstake.

!j: Join a current game. 60 seconds for all players to join. If a player cannot be charged, and there are not enough players, no one will be charged.

!r: 10 seconds to roll the dice. Auto-roll by bot if you don’t.

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