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~~~Emotes Commands~~~

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~~~Emotes Commands~~~ Empty ~~~Emotes Commands~~~

Post by Cmmander Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:01 am

* cry=========**Jongly_boy is crying**
* wave========**Jongly_boy is waving**
* agree=======**Jongly_boy agrees**
* apologizes==**Jongly_boy apologizes**
* beg=========**Jongly_boy begs like a dog**
* blush=======**Jongly_boy blushes a lovely shade of red**
* bored=======**Jongly_boy is extremely bored**
* bow=========**Jongly_boy bow gracefully**
* cheer=======**Jongly_boy cheers**
* chuckle=====**Jongly_boy chuckles in amusement**
* duck========**Jongly_boy ducks out of the way**
* faint=======**Jongly_boy faints**
* flirt=======**Jongly_boy flirts with the room**
* frown=======**Jongly_boy frowns in disgust**
* groan=======**Jongly_boy groans loudly**
* hug=========**Jongly_boy gives everyone a big hug**
* laugh=======**Jongly_boy laughs out loud**
* listen======**Jongly_boy sits down and listens to the murmur around the room**
* mumble======**Jongly_boy mumbles incoherently**
* ponder======**Jongly_boy ponders the meaning of life**
* scream======**Jongly_boy screams in a mad fit**
* smile=======**Jongly_boy smiles happily**
* argh========**Jongly_boy screams loudly in frustration**
* bark========**Jongly_boy barks playfully. Ruff ruff!**
* bearhug=====**Jongly_boy is getting ready to bearhug.**
* blink=======**Jongly_boy blinks eyes in disbelief!**
* blowk=======**Jongly_boy blows a kiss**
* brb=========**Jongly_boy will be right back**
* burp========**Jongly_boy burps rudely**
* chuckle=====**Jongly_boy chuckles politely**
* comfort=====**Jongly_boy comforts Jongly_boy**(always give a username )
* confuse=====**Jongly_boy is totally confused**
* congrat=====**Jongly_boy congratulates Jongly_boy**(always give a username )
* cringe======**Jongly_boy cringes in terror**
* doh=========**Jongly_boy blinks, then slaps forehead and screams 'DOH!'**
* drool=======**Jongly_boy starts drooling all over the place**
* eek=========**Jongly_boy leaps onto a table and screams 'Eeeek!!'**
* embrace=====**Jongly_boy gives everyone a warm and loving embrace**
* firebreath==**Jongly_boy performs a fire-breathing act!**
* kiss========**Jongly_boy puckers up - but who are you kissing exactly?**
* fart========**Jongly_boy lets off a real rip-roarer. Eeww**
* french======**Jongly_boy gives Jongly_boy a deep and passionate kiss ...it seems to take forever ...**()
* gasp========**Jongly_boy gasps in astonishment!**
* giggle======**Jongly_boy giggles in a fit of uncontrollable mirth**
* glare=======**Jongly_boy fixes Jongly_boy with an icy glare!**(always give a username )
* gn==========**Jongly_boy waves and takes off for dream land**
* greet=======**Jongly_boy says "Hello all!!"**
* grin========**Jongly_boy grins evilly**
* happy=======**Jongly_boy can't resist smiling happily**
* hiccup======**Jongly_boy hiccups**
* hfive=======**Jongly_boy gives everyone a high five. Yeah!!**
* hmm=========**Jongly_boy humms and umms in deep thoughts**
* hold========**Jongly_boy holds Jongly_boy lovingly**(always give a username )
* howl========**Jongly_boy lets loose a blood curdling howl at the moon. Hoooowwwll!!**
* hum=========**Jongly_boy begins to hum. dum dee doo..**
* lag=========**Jongly_boy is seriously lagging. Lagmonster strikes again!**
* listen======**Jongly_boy listens attentively**
* love========**Jongly_boy seems to shine of internal peace, love and happiness**
* martian=====**Jongly_boy pulls out a ray gun and yells "Take me to your leader!""**
* nod=========**Jongly_boy nods solemnly**
* pinch=======**Jongly_boy pinches RayhanSaker. Ouchhh!**(always give a username )
* poke========**Jongly_boy pokes Jongly_boy in the ribs.**(always give a username )
* ponder======**Jongly_boy ponders the question of life, universe and everything**
* purr========**Jongly_boy purrs contentedly. MMEEEOOOWWW!**
* rose========**Jongly_boy sends Jongly_boy a single, perfect, deep red rose. @>--,--`--**(/rose username)
* ruffle======**Jongly_boy ruffles Jongly_boy's hair playfully.**(/ruffle RayhanSaker)
* salute======**Jongly_boy salutes smartly**
* seduce======**Jongly_boy really, really wants to be seduced**
* shiver======**Jongly_boy shivers from the cold. brrrrrrr~**
* shmoo=======**Jongly_boy dances around the room, spreading love and hugs**
* shrug=======**Jongly_boy shrugs helplessly**
* shy=========**Jongly_boy hides in a corner**
* sigh========**Jongly_boy lets out a long sigh. Siiiigggghhhhhh...**
* slap========**Jongly_boy slap Jongly_boy across the face. Ouch!**(/slap username)
* smirk=======**Jongly_boy smirks**
* sneeze======**Jongly_boy sneezes. Bless you!**
* snore=======**Jongly_boy fell asleep and started snoring loudly. Bzzzzzz ..**
* snuggle=====**Jongly_boy snuggles up to Jongly_boy**(/snuggle username)
* spit========**Jongly_boy spits on the ground**
* spock=======**Jongly_boy raises an eyebrow**
* squirt======**Jongly_boy grabs a squirt gun and chases everyone around squirting at them!**
* stare=======**Jongly_boy stares into space**
* strut=======**Jongly_boy struts around proudly**
* tag=========**Jongly_boy tags RayhanSaker and dance around with glee, shouting "YOU'RE IT!!"**(/tag username)
* tantrum=====**Jongly_boy begins to scream, jumps up and down and bangs on the floor in a fot of unhappiness**
* thank=======**Jongly_boy thanks you all whole-heartedly**
* whistle=====**Jongly_boy whistles appreciatively**
* whop========**Jongly_boy whips out a trusty pillow and WHOPS everyone upside da head!**
* wink========**Jongly_boy winks suggestively. Ooooo ...**
* worship=====**Jongly_boy falls to the ground in shameless worship of the creators from mig33**
* worthy======**Jongly_boy bows down to the ground screaming "I'M NOT WORTHY!"**
* yawn========**Jongly_boy yawns. How dull.**
* caff========**Jongly_boy bounces off the walls, buzzing on caffeine**
* chicken=====**Jongly_boy lets out a 'be-GAWK!' as though RayhanSaker were a chicken getting its tail feather plucked**
* eh==========**Jongly_boy is totally clueless. Eh?**
* honor=======**Jongly_boy is extremely honored**
* joy=========**Tears of joy form in Jongly_boy's eyes. Oh, how happy!**
* miss========**Jongly_boy has missed you all sooooooo much!**
* mmm=========**Jongly_boy drools. Mmmmm.....**
* gee=========**Jongly_boy can't believe it. GEEEEEEEE.**
* yeah========**Beaming, Jongly_boy started yelling 'YEAHHHH!'**
* beer========**Jongly_boy yells "I AM THIRSTYYYYY!!"**
* boo=========**Jongly_boy runs up behind Jongly_boy and screams 'BOOO!!!'**(/boo username)
* cmon========**Jongly_boy tells Jongly_boy to get a move on. 'Cmon!'**(/cmon username)
* drunk=======**Jongly_boy calls out "i'm SOOOOOOOOO drunk!"**
* loser=======**Jongly_boy admits, 'I'm a LOSER!' **
* moo=========**Jongly_boy moos like a cow**
* power=======**Jongly_boy yells, "I just can't do it Cap'n! I don't have the power!"**
* relax=======**Jongly_boy thinks everyone should relax**
* sick========**Jongly_boy is not feeling well**
* sorry=======**Jongly_boy apologises to everyone**
* warcry======**Jongly_boy lets out a loud warcry**
* phew========**Jongly_boy throws hands up in the air and say 'Phew! That was close!'**
* wohoo=======**Jongly_boy lets out an energetic, 'WOO HOO!'**
* tpyo========**Jongly_boy fumbles fingers helplessly across the keypad**
* mxit========**Jongly_boy is clueless. What is that?**

-------Sports Commands-------

* roll========**Jongly_boy rolls 99**(it rolls random number)
* 8ball=======**Jongly_boy's magic 8-ball says: No**(No/Don't Bother/Yep/Maybe)
* fortune=====**Jongly_boy opens a fortune cookie: Just let it go**(it says Random Fortune)
* challenge===**Jongly_boy challenges anyone to an Olympic battle**
* win=========**Jongly_boy screams at the battle "I won!!!"**
* gold========**Jongly_boy won a Gold Medal! Congratulations!**
* lose========**Jongly_boy lost the Battle.. Boo!**
* medal=======**Jongly_boy wants to win a Gold Medal**
* go==========**Jongly_boy cheers for the Olympic Team "Go Team Go!"**
* luck========**Jongly_boy screams "Good Luck" to everyone in the Olympics**
* beibei======**Jongly_boy blesses everyone with Beibei Prosperity**
* jingjing====**Jongly_boy blesses everyone with Jingjing Happiness**
* huanhuan====**Jongly_boy blesses everyone with Huanhuan Passion**
* yingying====**Jongly_boy blesses everyone with Yingying Health**
* nini========**Jongly_boy spreads Nini Good Luck to everyone in the Olympics**
* welcome=====**Jongly_boy welcomes everyone to Bejing "Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni"**
* winner======**Jongly_boy wonders who will win the Olympics 2008**
* torch=======**Jongly_boy runs with the Olympic Flame**
* proud=======**Jongly_boy is proud of my country**
* cheers======**Jongly_boy cheers for the team "Go for Gold!"**
* taunt=======**Jongly_boy taunts RayhanSaker "My country is doing better than yours"**(/taunt username)
* champion====**Jongly_boy is the Champion!**
* record======**Jongly_boy has set a New World Record!**
* frenzy======**The crowd goes into a frenzy cheering for Jongly_boy**
* kick========**Jongly_boy kicks a goal for the team!**
* hattrick====**Jongly_boy score a hat trick for the club**
* equalised===**Jongly_boy equalised and is now leveled up!**
* magnificent=**Jongly_boy scores a magnificent goal**
* milestone===**Jongly_boy scores a milestone goal**
* surprise====**Jongly_boy cannot believe it!**
* deserve=====**Jongly_boy things they deserved it**
* freekick====**Jongly_boy is a free kick specialist**
* penalty=====**Jongly_boy won a penalty**
* handball====**Jongly_boy is rewarded a penalty because of RayhanSaker handball**(/handball username)
* cheering====**Jongly_boy is cheering for the club**
* join========**Jongly_boy and Jongly_boy joins the fan in cheering for their team**(/join username)
* red=========**Jongly_boy has been sent off!**
* yellow======**Jongly_boy has been booked with a yellow card!**
* goal========**Jongly_boy scores GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!**
* tie=========**Jongly_boy scores a tiebreaker!**
* watch=======**Jongly_boy is going to watch the match tonight**
* top=========**Jongly_boy's club is top of the table at the moment**
* goldenboot==**Jongly_boy wins the Golden Boot Award! Congratulations!**
* manofthematch=**Jongly_boy has been chosen for today's Man of The Match!**
* pfa===========**Player of the Year belongs to Jongly_boy**
* offside=======**Jongly_boy scores a goal but after a referee consideration, it's an offside. Boo!**


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~~~Emotes Commands~~~ Empty Re: ~~~Emotes Commands~~~

Post by Admin Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:45 am

Wow! What a great and helpful topic it is.

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