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Earn more with the mig33 Merchant Program

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Earn more with the mig33 Merchant Program

Post by nirob.19 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:55 am

How much you can make
The mig33 merchant is centered on buying and selling mig33 currency called ‘mig33 credits’.
Profits are made when you, as a merchant, buy mig33 credits at a discounted rate, and then resell them at full value to millions of mig33 users.
You get a 30% discount rate when you buy mig33 credits from USD$100 in value. There are also discounts for first-time merchants to help you get started.
Here is an example – let’s say you buy $500 worth of mig33 cedits, and pay only $350 (30% discount). You sell them at full value, worth $500. In this case, you have made $150 dollars profit!

It’s really easy
• Reach millions of customers
• Many convenient ways to make payment
• Get the support you need
• Get promoted within the mig33 community

How It Works

1. Sign up now as a merchant and start earning. For support call us on 1408 457 9610.
2. You can buy from as little as $5 worth of credits and you are ready to sell. We recommend that you buy US $70 or more to be able to get discounts.
3. Find local customers from within your family, friends, and acquaintances. Contact the sales team for leads.
4. Once you have the credits and identified the customer base you are ready to sell the various services from mig33.
5. You will see profits instantly. You can then use the profits to reinvest in and grow your business.
6. Join the mentor program and build your own team of merchants.

The mig33 Opportunity

Merchants sell the mig33 services to users in their community at full price. Merchants send money to mig33 (discounts start at purchases from USD$70 and upwards) and in exchange, they are provided with mig33 currency called mig33 credits at a discount .The higher the purchase amount, the better the discount. There are plenty of ways to make payments to mig33: Bank Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union, Credit Cards, Paypal and Money Bookers. For more information on payment, email us: merchant@mig33.com

As a merchant you also get a chance to invest and expand with a growing business.
• Opportunity to talk with successful merchant partners
• Customized sales plan to fit your needs
• Investment based on your ability
• Dedicated people to help you grow your business
• Free advertising when you start
• High discounts for high investments
• Wide range of products and services to sell

The mig33 Merchant Mentor Program
The Merchant Mentor Program has over 50 members. It’s a club of the elite merchants who have helped build and grow their own business and the businesses of other mentors, both locally and internationally, with some trading in over 5 countries.

• A mentor will get credit discounts for each and every sub-merchant gained.
• Marketing messages will be posted regularly to support you as a mentor.
• A chance of gaining more merchant connections, which could lead to potential new merchants working in your team.
• A reputable merchant will of course gain more credibility not only with other merchants, but amongst other mig33 community members as well.
For more details contact email us: merchant@mig33.com

What is the mig33 Merchant Trail program?

It is a unique program to give merchants shares of what their user/customer spend on activities that include buying virtual gifts, avatar items, emoticon purchase in mig33. The more the user buys, the more the merchant gets back.

Identifying Tagged Customers

Merchants will be able to easily identify tagged and untagged users when they enter Chat Rooms. Simply go into Chat Rooms and access Menu > Room Info > Merchant Information.

Extending the “tag period”
The 30 day “tag period” is extended with every transfer of 20 cents between you and your customer with in the 30 days.

You can check the amount of “Trail Credits” earned via the Merchant Trails program through your transaction history in the Merchant Center.

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