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Swiftwares Released Product Album

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Swiftwares Released Product Album

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:31 pm

Dear Friend,

Swiftwares published a lot of mig33 tools for help mig users. Here following all Swift tools Complete list and details with download link:

1. mig33 lite with autoleave

The most fastest mig33 version is lite, but you can be kicked by multi kicker on it either. Thus we added the auto left feature to let you not kicked by kick and leave the room automatically. It's really fast to leave the room in a second, try it yourself and tell us what more we can for you?

Download from the link below:

2. mig33 v3.08 with auto text (Auto welcoming tool)

It's the exciting custom file of mig33 which let you to welcome users in your private or non-private rooms. To greet them simply log in your ID with our custom/edited mig33 file.

Download from the link below:

3. crazymig.jar,Auto leave,Flood,Auto reply,Auto WC & Snap Shot

* You can save use "Snap Shot" even at non-symbian mobile phones, which don't allow snap shot application.
* You can flood but with a sec interval - (Fast flood may make you DC)
* Auto leave feature.
* Auto welcome feature.

Download from the link below:

4. easyadvertise.jar<Ultimate Adv. tool for mobile users>

Now I'm presenting easiest ever advertisment tool for mobile users. This tool is built around mig33 v4.20 it picks up all users of a chat room and sends custom advertisment message in their private chats. You can easily advertise you chat rooms, websites, tools and all other stuff with this tool.

Download from the link below:

5. LikeMe.jar <Like others and get Liked automatically>

This time we are presenting most wanted tool, that is LikeMe.jar. By using this tool you will get like votes automatically by other users who are are using this tool. No settings, no complexity. you just need to login at this tool and the rest will be handled by LikeMe.jar

Download from the link below:

6. mig33 v3.08 with autoleave

Are you really fan of mig33 version 3.08 but always disturbed by multi kickers?
Here is the perfect solution for you to get rid of from multi kickers, this mig33 file have auto leave feature which will help you to not press the leave button for leaving the room.

Download from the link below:

7. swiftymig.jar <A gift for 4.20 lovers--- 8 features in 1>

swiftymig.jar features

* Auto leave
* Auto welcome
* Auto reply
* Easy advertise
* Easy kick
* Easy ban
* SwiftWorld
* snap shot

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig.jar (Recommended for PC)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig.jad (Recommended for mobile)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig.zip (Both jar + jad)

8. Swiftymig V2 with flood

Swiftymigv2.jar has been released, many bugs fixed and flood is added. All restrictions are removed(you will not see swiftwares.com advertisment anywhere but in swift world). I hope this version will run on most of the phones where old one got problems.
This version is user friendly, settings page will not appear automatically. You must press # button to get it. You will not get announcements from swiftwares in popup, a browser window will open swiftworld instead.

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv2.jar (first try to download this)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv2.jad (Download this if upper link fails)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv2.zip (Or download this at pc then transfer to phone)

9. swiftymigv3.2
Swiftymigv3.2 is ready now with many new features, old bugs removed some new bugs added you people too clever to find bugs. i hope you will find this version the best one
I will use the term RID for reflector ID(previously i called it power ID)

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v2.jar (first try to download this)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v2.jad (Download this if upper link fails)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v2.zip (Or download this at pc then transfer to phone)

10. swiftymig V3 with 3 ID login+Auto Like Vote

After great success of swiftymig v1 and v2 I'm pleased to announce swiftymigv3.jar. It is much better and stable than old versions with few more features and bug fixes.

What's New?

* Commnads (.FL, .p etc )are not visible in room now
* You don't need to click Auto Like link manually, v3 will run the auto like script for you after predefined interval, you should use interval 5 to 10 minutes. You can disable Auto Like vote system by putting 0 in interval
* You can view your like votes bye using '.like' command. But this will be updated every 5 minutes. (Usefull for all who want to save GPRS data)
* You can send instant flood with this command ".FL 5 flood_text" (flood_text will be repeated 5 times, replace 5 with some other number to increase or decrease number of times you want to flood)
* Chat reflection feature is added. You can login 2 extra IDs in v3 and private on these IDs will be reflected or forwarded to your main ID. So you can Login and read /write private chats of 3 IDs on a single mig (You will love it if you know details)

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv3.jar (first try to download this)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv3.jad (Download this if upper link fails)
http://swiftwares.com/swiftymigv3.zip (Or download this at pc then transfer to phone)

11. Swiftymig v3.3

We have just launched the newly version 3.3 of swiftymig which is surely ready for download.
Let me tell you whats the new features added in it, Please follow the list below:

1) RID bugs have been solved in this version.
Now both RIDs will enter in room properly with .j1 and .j2 commands.
2) Space room bug for RIDs is solved.
Now you can bring RID in space named room with ".j1 room_name" command
3) You can easily retrieve Kick and Ban list with commands.
use command ".KL" to open kick list and command ".BL" to bring ban list(useful for touch screen phones)4) RIDs will also get like votes.
just login RIDs and they will get votes automatically!!
5) ">" symbol bug is solved for RIDs.
6) Auto ban feature is added for multi series.
In settings page scroll down and put at least 3 initial letters of multi series. If any ID will enter the room with these letters it will be banned automatically
7) You can see swiftymig TIPs and announcement with all pop-up messages
Cool Auto welcome is disabled in default help rooms.

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v3.jar (first try to download this)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v3.jad (Download this if upper link fails)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v3.zip (Or download this at pc then transfer to phone)

12. Swiftymig3v3
New swiftymig3v3 is release now.(Cheeky) also in New version many more bugs are sloved and new features are added like:>
1)RIDs (reflected id) will get auto like
2)Auto band Multi ids in room by 3 initial letters:- O and more.......

Download from the link below:
1) http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig3v3.jar (First try to download this)
2) http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig3v3.jad (Download this if upper link is fail or not work)
3) http://swiftwares.com/swiftymig3v3.zip (Download this from pc and transfer to ur phone or extract from mobile x-plore)

13. swiftymig v3.4 with SwiftLikes (UPDATE)

swiftymig is on it's way to be masterpiece. v3.4 is ready with a most demanding feature. The feature is SwiftLikes. SwiftLikes are really Swift and fast. There are many users who want to get many likes in short time so this feature is gift for such users.

How SwiftLikes work?

1) Open SwiftWorld then click "like rooms" you will see list of like rooms
2) Join any like room with swifty3v4
3) Write .LK or (.lk) in room

that's all you will get likes of all other room users provided that they too are using swifty3v4 (hopefully all swift users will switch to 3v4 to enjoy this feature)

Fortunately low level users can also get SwiftLikes

A good news is that mig33 can never ban this feature even for a minute. No server is involved all votes given by your swifty3v4 directly so swiftLikes work even if server is down
Another good news is that ".lk" command will also work in private and in gc (create a gc and invite all swift users then write ".lk" to get all votes at once)

Only week point of this feature is that all votes are given directly from your swifty so it also consume some GPRS data. Fortunately you can control it by changing SwiftLike interval(You can find swiftLike interval in settings page, don't confuse with auto like interval both are different things). Normal interval for swiftLike is 10 seconds it means you can give only 1 vote in 10 seconds. This is usefull against ".lk" floods 10 seconds is recommended(5 seconds is for those who don't care GPRS ) however if you want to save GPRS you can set SwiftLike interval to 50. above 50 will also be concidered 50 so this will prevent 1 way likes

One more thing only swifty3v4 users can get SwiftLikes, no other user can get votes by writing .lk so no one can steal your votes . it is neccessary to mention 3v4 was ready 5 days ago but it took time to make system to prevent "vote stealing". Normal mig users cannot get votes even if they write ".lk" . So swifty will only increase likes of it's cute users.

Download from the link below:
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v4_updated.jar (first try to UPDATE download Link)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v4_updated.jad (Download this if upper link fails)
http://swiftwares.com/swifty3v4_updated.zip (Or download this at pc then transfer to phone)

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