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Bollywood Trivia Game !!!

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Bollywood Trivia Game !!!

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:22 pm

Game play

Goal: Play a game of trivia questions and answers – by yourself, or with others

Charges: The original Trivia game is free, but some versions like Star Trivia may cost a few cents to start the game.
The Game

A player starts game. Anyone can answer the N questions, and is added to the scoreboard. Scores are displayed after every question.
Adding and Removal

/bot trivia: Add simple Trivia to your room

/bot strivia: Add Star Trivia to your room

/bot bollyvia: Add Bollywood Trivia to your room

/bot stop: Removal
Game Commands

!start: Start a game of n questions. There maybe a fee to start some versions of the game.

!<answer>: Answer the question.

* 45 seconds to answer Trivia, 20 for Star and Sports Trivia. Your question will tell you how much time you have.

* For open-ended questions, you get immediate feedback, and can try a different answer. EXAMPLE: !this is my answer

* For multiple-choice questions, you get one chance to answer, and then wait until time is up, to see who got it correct first. EXAMPLE (only one character): !A or !b


Correct or Incorrect.

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